The Spectrum Mystery Modem E31_2V1

Back Story:

I use Spectrum Cable with a 300 Mbps download plan for my Internet. It is the fastest I can get in my area, and for the last couple of years, it has worked flawlessly. Recently, that wonderful euphoric digital state ended rather abruptly. My network would not stay connected. It went from “bad” (disconnecting from the Internet a half dozen times or so a day) to “horrible” (disconnecting over 30 times in one afternoon). After each disconnect, my Ubee modem/router combo would restart, then my hardware firewall would restart, then some or all of my iOT’s wold fail to reconnect to the wifi portion of the router (and then be nudged by me manually to get them back on the network, or to my wifi extender). Also, I have VOIP, so my phones went down every time there was an internet disconnect, only to return online after the routers, modem, and hardware firewall came back to life.

I will say that Spectrum did a good job in resolving the connection issue (that turned out to be a bad cable connector located on a telephone pole behind my property). They started with the most obvious problematic source, replacing my old Ubee combo router/modem, with a new and separate router and modem. When the installer connected these two components, I noticed the new router and modem were simply branded “Spectrum”. After the components were installed, I got into the router and configured it. It had a lot of the “right” configuration options, and I felt fairly comfortable that it was at least an “OK” router. For the modem, there was no access point, and I really could not tell anything about it. I decided to leave well enough alone and let both the components be for awhile.

After several months past, though everything on my network again returned to the aforementioned euphoric digital state, I could not get a comfortable feeling about the modem. I decided to do some digging. I found a model number on its back (E31T2V1). I could not find much on the Internet, and that is because there isn’t much. That being said, there might be enough to get a feel about what the Spectrum E31T2V1 cable modem is all about. What follows is a summary of what I found.

Four Brands For One Modem: E31_2V1

In order to get the specs for the modem, I needed to figure out who actually made the thing. The Spectrum E31T2V1 cable modem seems to have been made by Hitron (the linage is still a little vague). Under the Hitron label, its model number is E31N2V1. Ubee has also labeled this modem as a E31U2V1. Then, Techicolor also sells this modem, with a model number of E31T2V1, – the very same model number as the Spectrum branded modem.

So basically, we have Hitron making a modem that Spectrum, Hitron, Ubee, and Technicolor all sell and/or distribute, and it is the very same modem, right? Well………, maybe. It seems some, if not all of the Hitron and Ubee modems have the dreaded and maligned Intel Puma 6 or 7 chipsets. The E31T2V1 versions of Spectrum and Technicolor use the more favored Broadcom chipsets. Beyond this point, I have not been able to distinguish any differences between the various vendors and model numbers.


All the E31_2V1 cable modems have DOCSIS 3.1 and are backward compatible to DOCSIS 3.0. For most of you knowing this will not increase your heart rate one beat. This may change when you find out what DOCSIS 3.1 is:

DOCSIS is a technology developed by CableLabs for transfer of data over coaxial cable that are developed and used for cable TV connection. Cable Operators across the world have adopted DOCSIS standards for providing Internet data, voice, and video services using existing cable TV systems(1).

So why would you want DOCSIS 3.1 over DOCSIS 3.0? For starters:

DOCSIS 3.1 has a maximum downstream speed of 10 Gbps (3.0 is 1 Gbps). DOCSIS 3.1 has a maximum upstream speed of 1 Gbps (3.0 is 200 Mbps). DOCSIS 3.1 features significantly higher speeds than DOCSIS 3.0. DOCSIS 3.1 also uses data spectrums more efficiently, increasing the amount of data that can be sent over your network(2)

In summary, DOCSIS 3.1 is a good thing. A good thing where up until recently it was only found in the “expensive” cable modems. DOCSIS 3.1 is found in all the E31_2V1 models of this modem.

To get all the specs on the E31_2V1, click HERE (Spoiler Alert: They are impressive)

How Good Is The E31_2V1?

My modem is an E31T2V1, with the Broadcom chipset. I was nearly ready to shelve this modem and go after an Arris Surfboard. After finding more about the modem’s specs, I am glad I didn’t. I have a 300 Mbps download plan, and am consistently getting speeds in the 340–350 Mbps range. Also, the E31T2V1 has not had any problems. It has been reliable.

This modem with many names and model numbers has earned its place in my network.


(1) What is DOCSIS 3.1 and why should I use DOCSIS 3.1 technology? |–is–DOCSIS–3–1–and–why–should–I–use–DOCSIS–3–1–technology


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          Bringing information to the masses as technically correct as you can muster, is something worthy of knighthood.

          I’d readily give both the original Author of this article, and the follow-up corrections submitted by others BOTH of my thumbs, (to help any of them type a little better), if it meant that the brilliance of articles like this can continue to exist, and be counted on, by community-reviewed accuracy…

  1. This is from the Specs sheet: “DTMF Tone Detection,T.38FaxRelay(G.711),Echo Cancellation(G.168)/Silence Suppression,Voice Active Detection and Comfort Noise Generation”

    Does this mean there is an active microphone in the e31t2v1 modem?

    1. Don,

      My E31_2v1 is from Spectrum and does not have an active microphone. The spec sheet you are referring to is from Charter Communications, and according to the spec sheet, their version of this modem does have an active microphone.


      1. How can I find out which version I have or is there a way for me to see if mine has a microphone just but looking at it?

      2. This is incorrect. What these specs are referring to is the VOIP service. These features work to eliminate background noise and cancel out any echo feedback you would hear from your voip phone’s microphone.

        1. Matt,

          You are correct. The specs for the version I linked to are for the VOIP service. However, I do remember that one version (or rather variant) does have a microphone.

          Thanks for the catch.


      3. You probably know this already, or it’s posted here somewhere if only mine blind eyes could see, that Spectrum is Charter, commonly known as Time Warner Cable. Hope this adds to said Mystery Modem, which I also have (3.1).


        1. Charter CATV bought out Time Warner Cable several years ago and renamed everything “Spectrum” so no one would be offended by the Charter buyout. (Bill – 24 year Charter Tech.)

  2. i am not as tech savy as you, my question is simple: is it possible to connect to-link wireless router to the ‘spectrum’ e21t2v1? there is no port for the ethernet cable?????

  3. Larry I have the Spectrum Modem you describe. It seems to work fine. How to you get into the modem to see the setup screen. I did the greater than 10 sec reset. I used a laptop on the WAN set to static I can ping or but can’t see the login screen for the modem on either xx.100.1 or 0.1. I did see a Cisco login screen one time but that was all. I had no issue on the Docsis 3.0 Arris using

    1. Johnny,

      I have not been able to get the modem to generate a setup screen. I tried to find a source to accomplish this, but after a lot of research, came up empty-handed. Fortunately, the modem’s default settings met the needs of my network. If you find a source that works, please let me know.



      1. There is no access to the d3.1 modems used by spectrum unless you are a tech w access to their applications.

        1. And what are we supposed to do when our shi* is hacked into with the M00n Bounce v1rus going around (ahem , my sh*t is hacked) and the wifi ports are being used to listen and track my comms? Thanks to Microsoft PnP and 30 years of stagnation on innovation. The fact people including my roommate bought this router instead of setting up their own is enabling h-ckers and possibly Spectrum itself to continue sucking every single drop of communication that is made from our fingers to the keyboard thru the coax lines. A shame. What kind of router won’t even let you log into home (127 . 0 . 0 . 1) to configure it? this sh-t stinks !!!
          PS why are you forbidding my comment for spam 🙂 This is a huge issue people should be aware. This whole cover-up on the depth of how far this information is being tracked is ridiculous.

  4. Thanks Larry. Inquiring minds just like not to be restricted on info but they got us on this one.
    The DOCS3.1 works fine. I really don’t see much improvement in the change. Maybe the ping is
    Slightly lower. I use PingPlotter to monitor the internet. It will show the start/stop on outages
    As well as packet loss. I had a 20 min outage one day and then lots of packet loss for 12-15 hours
    Before I called Spectrum. The CSR could not log into my new modem either. She had the new MAC.
    I rebooted the modem per her request and bingo the packet loss went to zero. So be aware of this.

    Johnny S

  5. I recently upgraded my Spectrum broadband service to their 1GB plan.  This required replacing the cable modem and router with a Spectrum E31T2V1 cable modem and a Spectrum SAC2V1K router.  

    I am able to log-in to my SAC2V1K router using but unlike previous routers, Spectrum offers no customization tools and this seems to be by design based on my Google search results.

    But the real reason I’m here is because I suspect my broadband connection is dropping intermittently and I’m looking for a network monitoring tool that I can use to confirm this suspicion and provide to Spectrum tech support.  My company’s old VPN, AT&T Global Network, would pop-up when the connection was lost so I was always aware of when/if it happened.  However, we are now using Cisco AnyConnect and it is transparent in the connection drops.  I can export a text log but it isn’t clear what is happening.  

    Can anyone recommend a free or fee-based solution for a non-techie that is easy to use? I thought CNET’s recommendation of might help but it lacks activity/connection logs by design.

    1. Steve,

      Looks like a similar issue with the E31_V21, as the SAC2ViK is labeled as Sagemcom, Askey, and Commscope. Certainly not much usable in available. As for your other issue for software to monitor for dropped broadband connections, I cannot think of a solution. For me, I have a Bitdefender hardware firewall/router for wifi, and when it loses its connection to Bitdenders’ servers, a red light circles very noticeably on the front of its case, signaling wifi is dead.

      Hopefully one of our readers can offer a better solution.


    2. Continuous internet speed test tool –
      I have been using this on Spectrum. Put it on a stand alone PC with only this pgm running. It amazing what is going on with speed. Not lost packets but SPEED. I also use Ping Plotter but STC shows realtime continuous. Wish I had another service to compare this to but this is it for me. at&t 50mb on copper is not for me. Their fiber is not in my neighborhood yet. I still have T-Mobile’s TVision for IP TV.
      Johnny S.

  6. We have about 50 users working at home, and have VOIP softphone issues. If they use their mobile hot spot instead of wifi no issues. Would SIP ALG be enabled on these modem? Since it is not a router I would almost think its not possible, but not sure what else is causing all these users SIP VOIP devices to either not register, or have 1 or two way audio. But eliminating the Spectrum modem allows calls to work fine.

    1. jwalker5006,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience with your problem to provide you with a solid answer. You might find a result with Spectrum’s commercial services for business customers. SIP ALG in most cases should be “off”. Access to Spectrum modems seems limited, and Spectrum themselves may only be able to answer the SIP ALG enable/disable issue. That being said, if you unplug the modem and the phones work fine, it pretty much points to the modem being the problem.

      Wish I could be more help.


    2. Yes. I would definitely say so. It’s not a router, technically, but it sounds like it has some VOIP routing/SPI capabilities. Besides all of that; what you are describing is directly related to a Session Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway (SIP ALG).

    1. Kevin,

      If you can find out the Spectrum’s DNS server’s IP address, it should work. You can check with Comcast’s approved modem list to verify if the Spectrum will work. Comcast should already have instructions on how to use non-Comcast modems with their system.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Quick question, I was about to purchase this Spectrum E31U2V1, will it work with my medicom cable internet 200 Meg service? Doe is also broadcast the wifi for us to connect to? I wanted to get a device that is modem and wifi in one. Thanks – TW

        1. TW

          You will have to check Medicom to see if the modem will work. The E31_2V1 is just a modem. Not an all-in-one. With this device, you will need a router as well.


  7. Hello, on Monday I upgraded my spectrum internet to the 1gig service they used the Ubee version of the E31U2V1 Modem. Since installed I am yet to receive any speeds higher than 500mbps and that was wireless on my iphone. (my laptop wired hit about 350mpbs). After several calls and visits by Spectrum Techs they are assuring me that 1gig speeds are coming through the modem based on the speed tests done using their own equipment. They also checked all the lines and outlets to make sure there was not a wiring issue.In addition to not receiving close to the 1gig speeds i am now dealing with constant packet loss and connection drops. This morning a tech came again and switched my modem out for the exact same one. Unfortunately it did not solve my issue. Do you think this issue might be solved by going with the E31T2V1 Technicolor modem instead because of the Broadcom Chipset? Thank you.

    1. Tobi,

      There are a lot of variables here, and a lot about your setup that I do not know about, so I may be swinging in the dark. Here are 4 things you might try: (1)If I understand, speed tests both “to” and “from” the modem provide 1gig speeds. Were speeds taken from an ether-net port directly from the router? If you are not getting 1gig here then there are setting issues with the router itself, or maybe the router doesn’t support 1gig transfer. I would verify the router settings. (2)Let’s assume the signal for wired connections leaving the router are 1gig. Verify that the ether-net cable you are using is cat 5e or higher, and that all switches/hubs are rated a 1gig transfer. Next, make sure your devices’ ether-net ports are 1gig compatible. (3)For 1gig wireless connections, your router must send a WiFi signal with the 5G band using the Wifi standard 8.11ac. As a radio signal, 2G will provide greater distance. There are areas in my house when a device can function effortlessly on 2G, where the same device on 5G drops signals and looses packets. So, theoretically, if you are in the same room with your router (and the router receiving 1gig from the modem), with both router and your device configured to use the 8.11ac standard and 5G, you should be getting a transfer speed somewhere in the vicinity of 1gig. (4)As I said earlier, there are more variables in play here, but after doing some or all of the above, and there is no joy, I would get to Spectrum and have a Spectrum Tech Supervisor come to your home and further diagnose and solve your problem. I have done this myself. I had techs to my house three different times for the same issue, each time without an acceptable result. A Supervisor came out, listened to my problem, and solved my issue in less than 5 minutes.

      Hope this helps.


      1. I see that an external battery can be plugged in to this unit but I can’t find anywhere info on what battery pack would fit it. Has anyone else seen more on this? I don’t like the idea of being at the mercy of the power company for communications to work.

        1. Did you every find out what battery it needs? I called Spectrum and they said they would only sell me a battery if I had the voice service option. I don’t want to purchase VOIP form them just to be able to buy a battery.

          1. Sorry for late reply. We have been moving to another host. No help for the battery your modem needs. My version of the modem (Spectrum now terms it a model 80, yours is a model 81), does not offer a battery port. Hopefully, one of our readers can give us both an answr.



        2. You can use a nyregular StandBy Battery Backup sold at BestBuy, Costco, etc. Just plug in the modem’s power cord to the UPS, and while you’re at it, also plug in the computer and the printer’s power adapter to the UPS.

  8. We are having problems with always losing connection. Spectrum says it’s netgear and netgear says it’s spectrum. Went today to buy a new modem and they still can’t get a good signal on it. The fourth visit from spectrum tomorrow.

    Have you had problems keeping connections?

    1. Amanda,

      I had a similar problem with Spectrum. My site was disconnecting as well. I had several visits with a Tech, and no positive results. New router, new modem, changed connectors on the house……, and no joy. Finally, I had enough. In one afternoon, between 12:00 and 4:00, while I was attempting to work on a project on my computer, Spectrum disconnected something like 32 times!!! I called and asked for a Supervisor to come out. Upon arrival, he asked if any of his techs had checked to connection from the telephone pole behind my house to the connection at my house. I said no. He went to check it. After climbing a ladder and going “up the pole”, he brought back a piece of cable and the connector. The cable’s insulation, next to the connector was gone. A tree limb had been rubbing against the cable and had actually worn thru to the bare wires. He snipped out the bad piece, added a new connector to the existing cable. No problems since.

      This may or may not be your specific problem. However, getting someone higher up the chain-of-command may bring you better results, it did for me.



      1. Amazing how many times people fail to look for the simplest problem. The obvious isn’t always so obvious. thank you for this information source. My Spectrum modem is the E31U2V1. Not sure if it’s just the same as you identify but it looks the same. I cannot find any way to log in to see settings, either.

        1. Hi Jeff,

          I believe the “U” in your modem’s model number is for Ubee. It is the same series of modem as found in my article. As far as being able to log into the modem, I am no help, as I have not been able to log into it either. Hopefully, one of our readers can give us a hand with this. Just thought of this….possibility of using the modem’s mac address to find the modem’s IP address. You can get the IP address from, among other places, your router. Pop that into your browser, and see if you can get a login screen (I’ll try the same on my end).



      2. Larry,
        For several years after moving in and signing up for Spectrum internet (known as Adelphia at that time) our television and Internet service was sub par. Several of the TV channels we were signed up for were very poor, almost unviewable. Not knowing any better, we presumed that we were getting the best reception they could offer.
        As years went by, Time-Warner and then Spectrum raised the basic internet speed for our subscription tier.
        Speed Test results usually approached to 70%-90% of the nominal speed, so I just chalked up the difference to network overhead or neighborhood peak traffic congestion.
        Over the years, I noticed more speed reduction, and bad television reception, after a couple rainy days, when the ground was really wet. So, every few years, I would call tech support and get a technician to come out and check the cables, connectors, hardware, etc. Things seemed a little better for awhile.
        After repeating this familiar routine over the years, a young technician did a speed test at the modem and said, “See? You’re getting around 90 MBPS. That’s pretty good for the 100 MBPS service tier. Maybe it’s a little slow right now due to neighborhood demand.”
        I said, but we never see faster speeds than that at any time of day. And it is always worse after the rain. On a hunch, the tech went out and hooked up a heavy duty length of direct burial cable across the front yard between the streetside utility box and the house interface box.
        Sure enough, the speed test showed 120 to 140 MBPS with a new cable. He put in a work order to replace the buried line from the street to the house and everything has been better since. The original connection was probably installed when the house was built in 1992, and they didn’t use any sort of conduit. The tree and shrub roots probably wore through the insulation.

  9. Just got the Spectrum version of this modem today. Felt weird that it was Spectrum branded, but on activation, the brand was listed as Ubee. Thanks for looking into this, I was worried I might have to go modem hunting if this unit turned out to be garbage. Cheers.

    1. Tim,

      My Spectrum modem is still running nicely. The Spectrum router though leaves a lot to be desired. I have gone through 3 in as many years. I just bought my own.


      1. Larry, I am not tech savy, but am trying to read up on Spectrum’s equipment. I have the 300mbps internet plan also. I just upgraded because we were having problems with streaming that kept buffering. But even with the upgrade I am still buffering. Our last speed test on wifi (through TV) was 107mbps, so I starting to wonder if it is a router issue. What router did you go with or recommend?

        1. Hi Katy,

          Before purchasing a new router, here are some suggestions: Check with Spectrum and see if you have the correct router and or modem for the speed of your new internet plan. If Spectrum did not verify the speed of your new connection after the upgrade, have them come out to your residence and verify the speed both to and from your modem. They can check your router and modem as well. If you are getting around 300mbps to and from the modem, then the router might well be the next place to look. Of course, if your devices are on WiFi, they will need to handle speeds with 802.11 n or 802.11 ac to be able to achieve 300mbps. Wired local network connections should have at least Cat-5E cables, and devices 1 gig ports. Lots of variables here, but these suggestions are a place to start.

          The Spectrum supplied E31_2V1 modem functions well; however the Spectrum branded router works adequately, when it’s working. I have had three of them in three years. No rewards here for reliability. For me, the odds on a fourth one lasting longer than a year were not good. Spectrum has no specific standards other than the customer purchased router must handle the connection speed of your system, and that it supports the WiFi signal options that Spectrum offers. These specs provide a lot of choices. I chose an Asus RT-AC68U router, – roughly $139 on Amazon.

          Hope this helps.


  10. Do I need to have Spectrum put this modem into bridge mode if I already have my own router? Is the E31T2V1 a router also or modem only? Worried about double NAT.

    1. Shawn,

      You don’t need bridge mode. Just plug an ethernet cable from the modem, to the WAN port on your router. The E31_2V1 is a modem only.


  11. Larry I have that Spectrum Modem E31T2V1. Everything was okay until recently when I would lose connection for a short time about once a day for about a week. Then today it lost total connection. Now, the device blinks the blue light next to Power about 10 times and then it once freezes both the blue light along with a new second light, the battery red light which is lower. Then the modem repeats the light sequence by blinking the blue light 10 times and then freezes the blue and red lights once. Did something like that light blinking happen when yours stopped and found out it was a connector to the telephone pole, or do you think it is likely my modem? Thanks.

    1. Marty,

      No, mine simply lost connection and eventually reconnected, and did this over and over again. Your issue sounds like the power supply to the modem, or the modem itself is failing. I would get a Spectrum tech out pronto.


  12. Hi there Larry. I have the same modem and I also have the 300 mb connection. I use the router that came with it. And i was thinking about upgrading to a more powerful modem/router for better gaming experience.
    Do you think that’s it’s even worth it considering how well this modem works?

    1. Karie,

      The answer is really in how your games are playing. If you have smooth video, not dropping frames, no buffering, then I think you are already good to go. My modem performs great. I’m still using it. I changed my router, not because of performance but because it wasn’t reliable.

      Hope this helps.


  13. Hi Larry,
    I am just switching over to Spectrum and their modem (Hitron E31N2V1) should arrive soon. You mentioned in a reply that the modem does not need to be in a bridge mode to connect to a router. I have the Netgear Orbi mesh network. The Spectrum rep did not ask for my router’s MAC address. How should the WAN IP be configured? Thanks, K

      1. Ditto. I used it behind a MacBook Pro, two different routers, etc. Also, no need to power cycle the cable modem after disconnecting and reconnecting between devices like the older cable modems which was annoying! 🙁

  14. Interesting article. Less than 24 hours ago I replaced my Ubee (one piece) to the new Spectrum modem and router (2 pieces) I miss one single unit. Regardless, my security cameras, water sensor alarms, and smart plugs that rely on 2.4g are now dead. Spectrum tells me my new equipment is a “smart” device where it auto-selects whether to connect and pair with 2.4 or 5g devices, etc, unlike to older Ubee that provided me two separate networks (2.4g and 5g) that I could select at any time. Previously Spectrum techs would suggest to save 5g for TV streaming, and use 2.4g for phones, tablets, computers, smart devices, etc. That way we don’t overload on one. Seems now that I only have all-in-one network, my tv’s, computers, tablets, are fine. However, what doesn’t connect, or be found are all my other smart devices i.e. smart plugs, water sensor hub controlling alarms, DLink security cameras. They rely on 2.4g. These rely and work with my appropriate phone app. Any suggestions? BTW…Spectrum tech support told me my new devices are made by Sagemcom (a French company). On my Spectrum app it says, Motorola and Askey. Modem: SAC2V1K and E31U2V1. Lots of confusion. And certainly not plug n play. If there are any suggestions please let me know. Perhaps I will have to completely replace all my 2.4g dependent smart devices. Two of the three devices are only 5 months old. Sad. Thanks. – Al

    1. Al,

      I don’t know that you are getting the right answers from Spectrum. Simply, 5g is faster but has less range than 2.4g. Devices closer to your router would likely most benefit from 5G, while those further away would benefit from 2.4G. If your modem is broadcasting both bands, then your devices should be able to log into the appropriate band. Verify that both bands are broadcasting. Do you see that both bands are available when you connect, say for example your laptop? If you are only seeing 5G, then the 2.4g band is not running. If you see both bands, then check the connections on each device needing 2.4g. The router, as far as I know, isn’t determining what each device needs, the router simply supplies both bands at the same time. The device itself will seek another band available if it loses connection. I looked at the manual for the router, and the interface is minimal. I had the RAC2V1K version, and went through 3 of them in three years. They are not really durable. When the last one failed, I bought an Asus RT-AC68U.

      I hope this helps.


    2. Al, similar experience here. My spectrum service began dropping periodically, a tech came out and fixed issues in the cable outside. As he was leaving, he casually mentioned I should bring my modem and router to the Spectrum store and exchange them for new equipment. All was working just fine, but a couple weeks later I was going to be near the Spectrum Store so I grabbed the modem and router and exchanged them. HUGE mistake. Not only did it take multiple phone calls to get everything connected to the network again, now my overall service is terrible. I’ve had a tech out 3 times and all cable inside has been replaced. Speed tests are fantastic, performance is awful. I now only have access to one wifi network (vs the 2G and 5G previously) and have been told by all techs the new devices decide on the best path. We now tend to have one device receiving decent service/speed, but any other device we try to use receives significantly throttled speeds – making them almost unusable. This even includes sending texts using wifi, it’s crazy. All three techs said what a shame it was that I exchanged the equipment. Don’t voluntarily change out your equipment!

      I am definitely not very tech savvy, so looking for advice on whether getting my own modem and router will help.


      1. DGAL,

        I am usually fairly quick to reply to comments,- sorry this has taken so long to respond. I have just moved a new Internet Host Provider. There were some issues with the move, – usual config issues.

        If you are getting “fantastic” speed to your modem, your Spectrum should check the speed coming from the modem, if it drops, the modem is the problem. If the speed is still good, then check it leaving the router, if it’s good there, then check to see if your cables are connected OK, and in any event, have them replaced, as well as any connectors. After all this, if your speed is still bad, your problem probably isn’t with Spectrum’s equipment. I wouldn’t buy a router or modem until you are sure Spectrum’s equipment is checked thoroughly.

        Hope this helps.


      2. Same problem here. Our 2.4 devices are working. Internet keeps dropping. I would like to be able to choose 2.4 or 5. SAC2VIK. Spectrum has been no help. Got Spectrum devices because they keep blaming my device. Installed. Under 60 MBPS. Then no Internet. Then high speed but keeps dropping. 5 hours later. No Internet says incorrect password. Got Internet back but keeps dropping. Meanwhile, I have to keep calling, and of course, they can’t come out for several days.

  15. We have the “Spectrum” E31T2V1 modem, TCH P/N: CVA4001CHR-R (the Technicolor version I believe) from Spectrum, made 5/2019. Here is the concern that I have: Is this modem, reportedly being a Broadcom chipped device, subject to the Cable Haunt vulnerability? Here is an article about Cable Haunt: Sources report that Spectrum has no comment/ or has ignored requests for information about this. This latter site is mostly about router security (not modems), but does mention Cable Haunt and Spectrum’s response:

    PS If anyone figures out how to get to the configuration page for this model, please advise. I get refused using or

    I cannot find a manual for this modem, either. Anyone?

    1. Tom,

      I did not see your modem listed in the article. It also sounds like a hacker would really have to want to get in to go through the hoops necessary to complete this exploit. Sound like a bot wouldn’t be able to do it, which rules out a large number of hackers from the start. You are never safe on the internet, but the odds seem to be in your favor on this one.

      Try as you might, I don’t believe you will able to access this modem. I have not heard or found away to do it.


      1. Charter locked their cable modems down hard. No one had gotten in them (yet). I did find a detailed “Charter D31 eMTA – E31N2V1 User Guide.pdf” that shows the detailed goodies inside. I wished we could access them like its logs and statistics.

  16. Hi There,

    I went through a rabbit hole of investigations and led me here to this site. I’ve recently switched to the Hitron E31NV21 and anytime I play Call of Duty, it shuts off my entire internet after the game ends. It’s due to this modem having the Puma chipset that is defective. I’m planning on switching to their Technicolor E31TV21 to see if this resolves the problem as it carries the Broadcom chipset instead. How’s your internet been since using the Technicolor modem?

    1. Jon,

      Though I don’t do much gaming, I send and receive a lot of data through the modem. I stream all of our television and movies. I own/manage an online store, and upload thousands of images to the site. I also download thousands of images from vendors and manufacturers to my local server. I have had issues with Spectrum’s routers (finally bought my own), but the modem (with the Broadcom chipset) has performed like a champ.

      Hope this helps.


    2. Jon –

      Are you really sure the Technicolor version of this has a Broadcom processor? I looked for both Technicolor and Ubee data sheets and they don’t seem to exist (which would not surprise me if this are re-badged Hitrons.

      Arris, the 900 lb gorilla, re-badges things all the time from the cable-supply side under the Arris brand, and under Surfboard (which came from Motorola before it was split apart) as is “retail” brand. From the specs sheets, clearly the same stuff for many units.

      1. Sorry for the lateness of this response. At the time I wrote the article, the data I used was researched and as accurate as I could make it. That being said, as it was then, and as it is now, that modem has been rebranded in many variants and incarnations (even the size of some of the variants is actually smaller than the original), I wouldn’t bet on what you would find inside.


  17. Yeah you can see which model the mystery modem box is during Spectrum activation. So make note.

  18. So… I too have been wondering about this mystery modem. I have the “N” version. I logged into my Spectrum account and tried to look at the hardware that they had listed for my account. When I clicked on “details” for my modem, it downloaded a user manual for the hitron product.
    Under the section entitled “Logging in to the E31N2V1, they provide the following instructions…

    1) Open a browser window
    2) Enter the E31N2V1’s IP address (default in the URL bar. The Login screen displays.
    3) Enter the username and password. The default username is technician and the default password is PoD Tool

    Those are the defaults. I can only imagine Spectrum would change them if they wanted to lock it down.
    I tried to access it ( with my devices over WiFi, but connection timed out. I no longer have any devices with an Ethernet port as I recent replaced my laptop with a Chromebook (can only connect wirelessly now). Wondering what would happen if someone hardwired from a device straight to the Ethernet port of the modem.
    Hadn’t noticed that anyone mentioned the username/password. Thought I’d offer up what I found.

    1. Bill,

      Thanks, I tried to access the modem and no joy, timed out as well. I am on Ethernet. If memory serves me right, computer-to-computer connection requires a differently wired Ethernet cable, designed specifically for this type of connection. I have done this before, ages ago. Also, the Ethernet port on the modem may not bi-directional. If I can find the cable in my parts bin, I’ll give it a try and let you know.


      1. As far as I know, crossover cables haven’t been needed in many years. Everything just senses and swaps the pairs electronically when needed.

        1. Hi Randy,

          I am not sure you are correct. Over a network, your statement is correct. I was talking about a peer to peer connection, and not a network connection. So, cross over cables are needed.


  19. This is all interesting as I found a Hitron E-31-N-2-V-1 at a friend’s business, along with an old Arris TM-604.

    The Arris was being used for only 2 VoIP channels of the 4 provided, the Hitron (strangely, even with 2 VoIP jacks) had none used. I assume this was a feeble attempt by Spectrum to upgrade the download speed on not “play” with the telephone install that fed into an old NEC 2000 system

    Having heard about the Intel Atom Puma 6/7 problem led me to look up the Hitron Spec Sheet at and

    Notice that both of these look nothing like what appears to have been re-packaged for Spectrum/Charter under the brands of Hitron, Ubee and Technicolor with precisely the same model numbers (and U and T variants).

    Also notice that in the spec sheet, it clearly says this uses the Intel Atom Puma 7 processor.

    Now it could be that with packaging change it was switched to Broadcom, but when that happens, often the model number changes too (like in E-31-N-2-V-2 as in Version 2) but not seeing that here.

    Lastly, certainly one can find the Spectrum Hitron for sale on eBay and even Amazon, but have these ever been sold through a wholesaler, retailer, or even Spectrum/Charter with clear “provenance”, or are they all “5-finger discounts”?

    1. I have seen these on eBay and Amazon too, and neither company does a lot of vetting of their sellers. The product could be the result of someone purchasing some or all of the end of a production run, a purchase from an importer or jobber, or the items might have somehow “fallen off the back of a truck”.


  20. I owned my own aris modems for several years. It seems I had to replace them every single year because they would intermittently lose connection until they would no longer provide any type of stable internet. Recently I received a Spectrum modem, UBEE E31U2V1, and now I have troubles streaming NASCAR using the Spectrum and the NBCSN apps. I don’t recall this happening on my aris modem. I thought to replace my router since mine was 7+ years old. A brand new $130 router does the same thing even with all other wifi devices disconnected from the router. All other programs and services seem to do just fine. I have Spectrums ELP services but I never remember having this many issues watching NASCAR. When I do a speed test it looks like I get around 32 mbps. Any suggestions other than pay for a higher level of speed? This happens even when all other devices are disconnected from WiFi.

    1. Lori,

      I apologize for the late response. By now, I hope you have solved your problem. If not I’ll make a few suggestions. You did not say what kind of problems you are having streaming data. So here is my best shot:

      1. Assuming you have Spectrum TV channels of some sort, data comes into your modem, if you have Spectrum TV a signal then goes to your cable box. In addition, data signals are going by Ethernet to your router. This is simplistic but basically, that is the flow. I do not know if you are buying Nascar as a service from Spectrum, or it is a separate app. If Nascar is from a Smart TV app, then you are streaming it. You have data directly going from your modem to your router. So…., log into your router and turn off the firewall. Now try Nascar. If Nascar is running fine, then turn the firewall back on, and check your firewall settings to determine which setting is blocking Nascar. If Nascar is a service you a purchasing from Spectrum, then Nascar data is going to your cable box. Have a Spectrum tech check and/or replace the cable box.
      2. Because you are losing connections, have a Spectrum tech check/or replace connections outside both to your home and from the nearest cable source (telephone pole or junction box). Also, the tech should check and/or replace the entire outside cable. I had a similar problem with an intermittent internet connection and the cable connection from a telephone pole to my house was an issue. The cable had actually worn through and the wire was exposed.
      3. If you are streaming Nascar, you might want to change the Ethernet cable, from your modem to your router.

      Hope this helps.


  21. I have the Spectrum E31T2V1 and using it with an old Netgear WiFi router. Decided to replace the old router with a new Asus RT-AC86U WiFi router. Powered everything down, swapped hardware, then powered everything back up (according to protocol). Everything looks fine except there is no internet connection between the new Asus WiFi router and the Spectrum modem. Is there a setting inside the Spectrum unit that needs changed? Is there a setting inside the Asus that needs changed.
    Anyone have any thoughts about this?

    I’m not technical here. I opened up the Asus dashboard and saw a gazillion pages, settings and options. Other than create login + passwords for the wireless settings I touched nothing else.


    1. Dan-o,

      Sorry for the late response. I am using the same Asus router, and it works fine. A couple of things, first the obvious, make sure you have the modem and router connection done correctly (correct ports, working ethernet cable, etc.). Next, access your router. O, the Network Map, do you have a WAN IP address? If you do then the router is connected to the modem and the Internet as well. If not, again check ethernet ports and cabled to WAN ports. Finally, verify operation mode just above the network map is for “wireless router”. Beyond this, a call to ASUS might be in order.



  22. Larry,

    Thank you very much for this site. We just had a 14-hour Spectrum internet outage requiring a call to refresh the modem signal. I have the DOCSIS3.0 Technicolor modem/router bridged to my own tp-link AC1900 router. I’m writing because the Spectrum tech recommended I move up to the DOCSIS3.1 modem. After reading the comments here, I have a concern about doing that, as everything generally works just fine. My router has the “Smart Connect” feature where the router can automatically choose between 2.4 and 5GHz, though I had to disable it to get adequate streaming to my Apple TVs, which are on the 2.4GHz band out of necessity. Here’s my question, since there are comments here about the DOCSIS3.1 Spectrum modems automatically choosing which band to use: will it interfere or otherwise override the 2.4GHZ/5GHz settings in my router? I’m definitely reluctant to change anything, especially as we are on the 200Gbps plan, which might be the fastest in our area at this time, but either way is adequate for our purposes. You know, the old “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I hate to enter the “Install Zone”: that place we go too often that “should take a few minutes” but ends up being days of hair-pulling!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Scott,

      Sorry for the late response. I am inclined to go with the “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of variables. Experience has taught me that if you are satisfied with current performance, don’t try a tweak that will send you down a rabbit hole.

      Best of Luck


  23. Work in low voltage industry out of LA, California. We only use PepLink router. Hitron modems are trash. Every job with Hitron modems have random internet drops for 10-30 seconds up to 30-50 times a day. Router logs shows it with timestamps. The WORST part about this issue, Spectrum doesn’t see any issues on their end. Because the issue doesn’t effect the connection to ISP, only on the ethernet port. It’s like pulling teeth with Spectrum service tech to please give me any modem besides a Hitron. Sucks…. Thankfully you can buy a Arris modem on Amazon that supports Spectrum gigabit service now. Hitron modems; if you have one, throw it away.

  24. I’ve been reading all of this with great interest. I see from the specs that this modem has CLI and GUI but they seem to be locked down by Spectrum. They also mention a serial console as being optional but I assume that may just be on the board and not actually available.
    I do not suppose anyone has found any way to access this via GUI or CLI to find out all the great information that would be available.

    1. Hi Glen,

      I have been in contact with numerous readers that have attempted accessing Spectrum’s modem. None of them, including myself as well, have been successful.


  25. I have a similar/same model as the one listed above/in the image above. Internet constantly drops, it is also in a constant and normal flux of going to the single digits of mbps download up to almost triple digits on my current internet plan, which is about 900mbps. It makes the high internet speed irrelevant when it dips so low constantly, as I mostly use it for gaming, streaming, etc. Obviously there is something wrong, I am not savvy in this at all, but if you or anyone else has any tips or help that would be grand.

  26. After replacing our Arris TM1602 modem with Spectrum D31 modem, our 2 Netgear Nighthawk smart AC routers (one in AP mode as an extender) no longer support the 200MB/sec provided. We get 50 – 94 MB on ethernet & wi-fi. What’s odd is for 5G only the primary router produces 200MB but the AP router now only has 60-94 MB. I purchased a third Netgear Nighthawk smart AC router and it also only produces 60-94 MB/s. I took this third router to my dad’s home and it produced 230MB with his Arris TM1602. Charter gave me a second D31 router and it did not solve the reduced router speeds. What brand routers work with these D31 modems? Also, should I consider a different method than AP for the extender router? I noticed the ethernet and 2.4G signal drops to 94 MB/s on AP routers even at my dad’s home.

  27. Any idea if this modem / router combo can also broadcast in 2.4 ghz? Trying to connect my wireless Rainbird irrigation system and it won’t connect via the 5 ghz signal.

  28. I don’t know if it is still valid or not, but looking through an (older Charter Communications) Spectrum Quick Installation Guide for the E31U2V1 Modem – DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA I saw a reference to “Accessing the Web User Interface (UI)”:

    “User Interface (UI) Web pages are disabled by default. On the Charter secure management network, the UI can be accessed by enabling HTTP/HTTPS using either RIO or DRUM. Access can be enabled for the cable RFI port or the LAN (Ethernet) port.
    1. Generate a Password of the Dat (PoTD) using the PoTD tool.
    2. Enable HTTP/HTTPs [sic] using RIO or DRUM.
    3. Use IPv4 or IPv6 to remotely access the UI of the E31U2V1 DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA.

    – IPv4: WAN side via the RF CM IPv4 address. Example:
    – IPv6: WAN side via the RF CM IPv6 address. Example: http://[2001:b021:15:7a00:dc4d:dc7c:467c:4dfb]

    4. User interface Sign-in
    – Username: technician
    – Password (Password of the Day)
    NOTE: From the LAN side Ethernet port, access is possible only using the IPv4 address

  29. Has anyone seen an E31T2V WITHOUT a Broadcom chipset?

    I’m sure Technicolor always use one, but I’m wondering if anyone has seen an E31T2V NOT made by Technicolor…

  30. All I know is that when I replaced my Spectrum modem with an Arris SB 6190 my VPN stopped dropping and my wifi speeds went from ~150 to over 300mbps.
    I work in IT and have recommended this change to at least a dozen people with VPN issues, and I consistently hear back praise for the Arris

  31. Hello again, Larry.

    As I had a recent, frustrating experience with Spectrum, I thought I’d just pass it along, as it might prove helpful to others.

    A couple of nights ago I suddenly lost my streaming services, so I gave Spectrum a call. They of course put me through the routine powering off the 3.0 modem and my tp-link router (Archer A9). After rebooting everything, and after they sent a refresh signal to the modem, I had a new, first-time problem: my router would no longer connect to the internet. After removing the router from the equation to test the modem wired directly to my computer, the CSR pronounced that “all is well with our modem, you’ll have to contact tp-link, here’s their phone number and URL.” I fired up my ancient D-Link 300N router (glad I had it handy), and after doing some digging on tp-link’s support pages, fortunately found that Solution #1 fixed my issue: Clone my computer’s MAC address to the router. Previously, my router worked almost flawlessly for 3+ years, with the default MAC address.

    It seems that in their new upgrade to 300mbps service, Spectrum blocked the MAC address of my router. Using the “Use current computer MAC address” function of my router resolved the issue. I doubt that the CSR had any idea that whatever system changes Spectrum has implemented on their end included blocking 3rd-party router MAC addresses. Cloning the computer’s MAC address was something I had to do when connecting the old D-Link router, which worked great when I put it into service under duress.

    The CSR had me going down the rabbit-hole that my tp-link router had suddenly up and died (which I seriously doubted), though I did start to look into getting a new router, also under duress if the tp-link had suddenly failed.

    It hadn’t. Spectrum blocked it on the default settings.

    My neighbor had something similar happen at his work where Spectrum is the ISP. It seems that Spectrum’s upgrade to 300mbps service is not coming without some problems for the customers. The CSR did, of course, more than once recommend that I upgrade to the 3.1 modem. Since getting everything back up and running, I’ve had no further issues.

    Thanks again for hosting this site.

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