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The Spectrum Mystery Modem E31_2V1

Back Story: I use Spectrum Cable with a 300 Mbps download plan for my Internet. It is the fastest I can get in my area, and for the last couple of years, it has worked flawlessly. Recently, that wonderful euphoric digital state ended rather abruptly. My network would not stay connected. It went from “bad” […]

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The Difference Between Internet Speed and Bandwidth

Internet speed and bandwidth are concepts often confused to a point where both measurements seem interchangeable.  They are not. Here is how speed and bandwidth are described by a Cisco network engineer (Bandwidth vs. Speed | The Cisco Learning Center | Chandan Singh Takuli): “Too fast Too furious – who doesn’t like speed, especially when we […]

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Connect The Amazon Echo Connect To The Ooma Telo

Getting Started Several months ago, I “cut the cable” and unbundled my Internet, TV, and phone services from Spectrum.  Ooma was selected for the new phone service. At the heart of the Ooma service, is a little black box called the Telo. The Telo connects to my Internet router/modem via an Ethernet cable. A telephone […]

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Use Google Search Guide For Better Targeted Searches

Google Search is a powerful tool.  From, I downloaded to the desktop of each of my computers a PDF file version of the Google Search cheat-sheet seen below (which is two jpg files). This is a tool I use every day.  The Google Search cheat-sheet can help you improve the targeting of your searches. […]

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iOS 8.3 and Bad Elf: UPDATE

Some very good news from Bad Elf:  “During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote yesterday, Apple announced several new services that will be included in iOS 8.4 and available by June 30th.  This release is expected to fix the open iOS bugs affecting external GPS receiver accessories.  Although we had hoped for a 8.3.1 update or […]

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Hacking Defined

While doing research for an upcoming article about protecting computers from Hacking, I found this slide presentation by Sal Sakoji, from  Its original title is: Hacking & Its Types.  Though I like to post my own original work, I feel this presentation is very well done, straight forward, and worth sharing.  You can find […]

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Cybersecurity 101 – NOVA Labs |

Here is a very well done 3 minute 38 second video that explains Cybersecurity on the internet.  The video is from NOVA Labs | At NOVA’s website, in their Cybersecurity Lab, you can play a game where you are one of the people, protecting a company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. […]

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Port Forwarding and Small Network Security

Port forwarding is found in both business enterprise and small-business computer networks. As home computer networks are becoming both more common and complex, port forwarding can be found here as well. While enterprise level networks use highly advanced routers and hardware firewalls for protection, the processes of secure shells, tunneling, and port forwarding can function with a […]

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htaccess Blacklist To Repel Exploits

Bad guys are out there spamming, scraping, and hacking.  If that wasn’t enough, “bots” have automated a lot of the evil processes.  Yikes!!!  If you are new to WordPress, or haven’t done this yet (What are you thinking?), get a security plugin for your site NOW!!!  If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time […]

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Use A VPN To Speedup Netflix on Verizon

Some History Streaming video takes up bandwidth.  Netflix streams a lot of video, so the company was taking up huge chunks of bandwidth from ISP’s.  By coincidence, it seems that Netflix users found that their experience began to deteriorate….a lot, while other video streaming sources worked fine. Strange.  It seems that Netflix thought so too, […]