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SNAP Plugin Don’t Buy This Autposter

I wanted a marketing tool: I wanted a plugin that would auto-post product pictures and text from the WooCommerce platform on my WordPress business site to my social media sites on Facebook and Tumblr. I looked at a number of auto-posters and settled NextScript’s SNAP plugin. SNAP plugin features: Its basic features were comparable with […]

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Ideal Sizes For Sharing Images On Social Media Networks

If you are sharing images on social media networks, you’ll want your images to appear as you intended, and not cropped to fit a space-mandated format.  Use these dimensions when you design and upload your images to individual social media networks: Facebook                           1200X628 Twitter                                1024X512 LinkedIn                               800X600 Google                                 800X1200 Pinterest                              735X1102 Instagram                          1080X1080 For […]

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Buffer – A Freemium Social Media Manager

So Many Posts, So Little Time My business partners and myself are in the process of re-launching a commercial website, To support our website, and help establish our brand, we created pages on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Though we will undoubtedly market some of our products on these social media sites, we will also […]

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Social Networks and Social Engineered Cyber Crimes

Currently, one of the fastest growing cyber crimes on the internet is the harvesting of bits and pieces of user information placed on social networks, and using that information against the user by way of identity theft.  These types of cyber crimes refer to the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information […]