SNAP Plugin Don’t Buy This Autposter

I wanted a marketing tool:

I wanted a plugin that would auto-post product pictures and text from the WooCommerce platform on my WordPress business site to my social media sites on Facebook and Tumblr. I looked at a number of auto-posters and settled NextScript’s SNAP plugin.

SNAP plugin features:

Its basic features were comparable with several plugins (and it works with WooCommerce), but several SNAP Pro plugin features sealed the deal for me: Unlimited accounts can be set up for each social network being used; ability to auto-repost existing posts randomly; and additional setup filters. In addition, the Pro version comes with a nifty API that makes setting up communication with your social media platforms…, well a “snap”. The cost for the Pro upgrade is $49.95, – looked like a time saver as well, so I went “Pro”.

You can find all the SNAP plugin features HERE.

SNAP plugin setup:

The setup is fairly simple. You provide general settings for the program, account settings for each social media platform being used, and settings for the reposter. Sample pages are below:

Tumblr Setup
Tumblr Reposter Setup

You can find detailed instructions for the SNAP plugin configuration and tutorials HERE.

How does the SNAP plugin work?

It doesn’t work. With the SNAP plugin API, I setup communication with my three FaceBook accounts and one Tumblr account. Then I set up each account with SNAP. The SNAP plugin provides a means to test your account configuration. Each one “tested” perfectly. However, in the “real world” the results were disappointing. One of the three FaceBook accounts made a few posts, as did the Tumblr account. Then all posting stopped completely.

I contacted NextScript’s Support, the only way possible, by creating a support ticket, explaining the problem (in more detail than above), providing screenshots of each of the setup pages, and an abbreviated copy of the program’s error log. Several days later, Support requested another screenshot of a setup page, and I provided it. That was over 30 days ago, and I have heard absolutely nothing since. I check daily, Support shows my response is still waiting on a Technician’s reply.

At this point, I have reviewed my setup and configuration settings, tried numerous “custom” settings, and still no joy. I think there are three pieces to the problem:

  1. Facebook appears to automatically terminate a session when it senses no activity. I don’t know the exact time frame, but it seems to be after 10 or 15 minutes. The NextScript API, does not keep the session alive. This means that is you are posting or reposting, say 4 items an hour, nothing happens after the first set of postings, if in fact the first set of postings were made before the session is terminated.
  2. I am not posting from a WordPress blog. I am posting from WooCommerce, which is something NextScript states SNAP is capable of doing. Though I had a minuscule amount of success at doing this, the entire process for both social media platforms seems to be quite broken.
  3. Support’s very existence is of mythical proportions. Quite simply, there isn’t any.


Though Items 1 and 2, as mentioned directly above are definitely a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess), Item 3 is definitely verifiable. If you want to play around with the “Free” version of SNAP, then all you have to lose is your time. On the other hand, if you need the SNAP plugin as a tool, and are willing to spend $49.95 for the “Pro” features, it appears that the purchase will likely get you non-supported vaporware. I would like to have my money back and write this entire venture off as a complete waste of my time.

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