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Aegis Secure Key 3NX-C Review

Forward Several weeks ago, I received an email inviting me to write a review on Apricorn’s Aegis Secure Key 3NX-C. Before replying, I did some research on both the company (Apricorn) and the Aegis Secure Key 3NX-C. Apricorn focuses on designing, manufacturing, and marketing 256-bit AES encrypted external data storage devices. Storage platforms range from […]

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Quickly Edit CSV Spreadsheets With Easy CSV Editor

What is the Easy CSV Editor? The Easy CSV Editor is a powerful text editor designed specifically for CSV/TSV tables and spreadsheets. Besides editing, it can also sort, find, find and replace, filter, and much more. The Easy CSV Editor is not a spreadsheet program. It performs no math functions. The Easy CSV Editor is […]

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Symphytum A Free Personal Database

What is Symphytum? Symphytum is an intuitive and easy way to manage your data. It is not a database powerhouse, and as well, it lacks the complexities associated with those powerhouses. Symphytum can perform basic database functions. It works only in CSV formats, can import and export tables, perform searches, and more. Written in C++ […]

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Citizen Blue Angels Chronograph AT8020-3L Review

Sometimes A Watch Is More Than A Watch Today we have mechanical watches, battery-powered digital watches, and smartwatches (digital devices on the wrist linked to a cellphone). The first two types of watches mentioned are focused on telling time, while the smartwatch has many focuses, time being only one of them. The Citizen Blue Angles […]

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YubiKey 5 NFC Review

What is a YubiKey? Yubico, the parent of the Yubikey has been around since 2007. Several years ago, Google and Yubico worked together to develop a security key. Simply put, they developed a device that is an enhancement to, and in some cases eliminates a user login/password combination. Both Google and Yubico went on to […]

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SNAP Plugin Don’t Buy This Autposter

I wanted a marketing tool: I wanted a plugin that would auto-post product pictures and text from the WooCommerce platform on my WordPress business site to my social media sites on Facebook and Tumblr. I looked at a number of auto-posters and settled NextScript’s SNAP plugin. SNAP plugin features: Its basic features were comparable with […]

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The Spectrum Mystery Modem E31_2V1

Back Story: I use Spectrum Cable with a 300 Mbps download plan for my Internet. It is the fastest I can get in my area, and for the last couple of years, it has worked flawlessly. Recently, that wonderful euphoric digital state ended rather abruptly. My network would not stay connected. It went from “bad” […]

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What IS The Best Email Client for IOS And Android?

Hands down, Edison Email is simply the best email client for IOS and Android. I have used it for several months now, and wonder how I got along without it.

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Install An SSD Into An Early 2008 iMac

“To be or not to be…” My 10-year-old iMac had slowed considerably.  It took a little over a minute and a half just to load and start the OS.  I had tried all the usual solutions and maxed out its memory capacity.  The iMac was still just plain slow and I quit using it.  After […]

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Terrarium TV For Android |The Future Of Video Streaming |

What is Terrarium TV: Terrarium TV for Android is an amazing app for video streaming.  With Terrarium TV you can easily stream or download 1080P HD (and now some 4k are available as well) movies and TV shows.  For streaming noobs, the app runs well after the install, and there plenty of configuration options for […]