Symphytum A Free Personal Database

What is Symphytum?

Symphytum is an intuitive and easy way to manage your data. It is not a database powerhouse, and as well, it lacks the complexities associated with those powerhouses. Symphytum can perform basic database functions. It works only in CSV formats, can import and export tables, perform searches, and more. Written in C++ and Qt, it is very fast. You can get Symphytum for free at

Here is what Symphytum’s developers say about this little database:

  • Fields Are Not Just Text. Design your input forms with support for different data types: text, numeric, date, progress, image, file list, checkbox, combo box, etc.
  • Two Views On The Same Data. Use the form view for structured data input and representation, use the table-like view for searching, sorting, and comparing.
  • Dynamic Layout Engine. Rearrange dynamically your database layout by drag and drop in form view.
  • Integrated Cloud Sync. Using Symphytum across multiple computers is a joy. Your data is always automatically synchronized everywhere. Drivers for cloud services such as Dropbox and MEGA are included.
  • Sync Conflict Management. Symphytum manages synchronization conflicts for you. While only one session with write access is allowed at the same time, other computers may access the database in read-only mode during an open session.
  • Date Reminder. Date fields keep you informed on tasks, appointments or birthdays if requested. All Reminders once triggered, are listed in one place.
  • Fast Search. Search while typing with highlighted results in a table view.
  • Backup and Export. Backup your data with a simple backup wizard and export your data to CSV.
  • Multilingual. User interface available in English, German, Polish, French, and Italian. More info on the project Wiki.

The Symphytum Video

In this video you will see examples of the database’s interface and how to interact with it, how to set up forms and tables, how to import and export tables of both data and searches, and more.


Symphytum is a powerful minimalistic database. If you don’t want to learn database coding, want a simple interface, and don’t need complex analytical features, it will be hard to find a better database software for you. Add Easy CSV Editor to handle/manipulate exported tables, and you will be able to create many types of tables that can rival those of Access or Libre Office’s Base.

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  1. Looks like it would be a great program except that it opens in a very large windows in Windows 10 (1920×1060 display) and will not permit resizing of the window to a smaller display. Font is huge.

    1. Robert,

      Thanks for the feedback. This is the first I have heard of this issue. Sounds like it might be hooking into one or more of Window’s Accessibility features. I use either OS X or Linux operating systems on my computers and have not had any issues with the software at all.



  2. I really like this little database but find a few things very frustrating. The main issue for me is that I need to export the data to a CSV file that needs the fields to be in a certain order. When I export, the csv fields are not in the same order they are in the table. Not unless you delete all the fields and add them back in the correct order. Manually rearranging the fields within the table doesn’t do it.

  3. Hi Larry. Liked your video on Symphytum. I’ve been trying to download Symphytum from the Githum link (and other sites) but my MacBook won’t open it, sending an error message that the developer cannot be verified. Is there a way to get a copy that my Mac thinks is safe? Thanks.

  4. Hi Larry. I liked your discussion of Symphytum. I’ve tried downloading v 2.6 from the link you posted, but I get an error message that the developer can’t be verified. Is there a way to get a version that my macbook pro thinks is safe? Thanks.

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