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Social Networks and Social Engineered Cyber Crimes

Currently, one of the fastest growing cyber crimes on the internet is the harvesting of bits and pieces of user information placed on social networks, and using that information against the user by way of identity theft.  These types of cyber crimes refer to the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information […]

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Use A Content Delivery Network For Your Website

Several months ago, my website’s page load times were, in a word, miserable. In the last couple of years, not only has the number of posts increased on, but the amount of graphics I use to add interest and help explain some part of a particular post has increased as well. Parsing out the […]

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Take Your Mac OS X Security to NSA Standards

While doing research for another article, I came across NSA’s security setup for Mac OS X. No, the information gained was not from a clandestine hack, or some form of Wiki-Leaks. All the data you see here is readily available from the public version of NSA’s website, and will boost OS X Security on a […]

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Onyx: A Swiss Army Knife for OS X Maintenance

In the beginning… Having once had my computer hacked, I have become very paranoid about the security of my machines and the network on which they run.  One security process I carry out daily when I am done using my computers is a very simple one:  I turn off the computers.  It is indeed very hard to […]

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My Heuer Autavia Chronograph Model 1163 V and How I Found It – Twice

Introduction Good design and engineering are symbiotic. Add state of the art technology to both of these elements and you have the basis for a good product. It is no surprise to find these principles working in many successful manufacturers, Apple computers being one of the best examples. However, this is a story that is […]

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Using the Linux “Whatis” and “Man” Commands

Saying the Linux and Unix shell commands are not intuitive is an understatement of epic proportions.  It might be easier to learn Klingon.  There is help for finding out about the Linux and Unix commands however, and it is found in the unassuming commands, whatis and man.  The syntax for whatis couldn’t be simpler:  whatis […]

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Droid – Bring It Back To Life

Where Did I Put My Old Droid? I replaced my Droid with a Galaxy S3, and the Droid quickly faded from my memory.  Then, not too long ago, my beloved iPod Classic crossed over to the electronic version of Valhalla.  I was crushed. After carefully paying my last respects to the iPod, I knew I […]

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Dog Food: How To Know What You Are Getting

Dog food, really??? I know what most of you are thinking.  How does an article about dog food fit into a technology website?  Actually, the topic fits quite well: “Dry” dog food is a marvel of technology.  Each of those tasty kernels (also called kibbles) your pet crunches as he eats, is a totally engineered […]

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LarryTalksTech: A look back at 2012

Some Reflection The end of a year usually brings about some reflection and I thought this would be a good time to look back at the roots of LarryTalksTech, comment on some of the articles written during 2012, and provide updates where applicable. In The Beginning… I’d been kicking around the idea of writing a […]

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Home Theater AV Receiver Listening Modes Defined

You unboxed your new home theater AV receiver, ran a spool or two of speaker wire to your speakers,  hooked all your devices into your receiver, calibrated your speakers, and finally ran the last HDMI cable from your AV receiver to your TV.  Time to watch a DVD.  After the movie starts, you notice the […]