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Use A VPN To Speedup Netflix on Verizon

Some History Streaming video takes up bandwidth.  Netflix streams a lot of video, so the company was taking up huge chunks of bandwidth from ISP’s.  By coincidence, it seems that Netflix users found that their experience began to deteriorate….a lot, while other video streaming sources worked fine. Strange.  It seems that Netflix thought so too, […]

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LarryTalksTech: A look back at 2012

Some Reflection The end of a year usually brings about some reflection and I thought this would be a good time to look back at the roots of LarryTalksTech, comment on some of the articles written during 2012, and provide updates where applicable. In The Beginning… I’d been kicking around the idea of writing a […]

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Repurpose Your Old WiFi Router As A Super Router or Repeater With DD-WRT

The closet in the office of my home was filled with nearly twenty years worth of outdated computer hardware.   Over the past few months, opening the closet’s door would set off an avalanche of old video cards, mother-boards, and an assortment of audio/video cables.  Depending on your reflexes, and how fast you opened the […]