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Kodi Audio Settings – Quick Reference Chart

   What is Kodi?  Kodi (formerly XBMC) is an open source cross-platform media player program.  Kodi is well sorted out, and easy to install and setup.  Kodi can play streaming videos, dvd’s/cd’s, display photos, update weather, and much more. One of Kodi’s is strengths is that it is flexible, allowing plugins to expand and vary […]

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The Behringer UCA202 (UCA222) USB Audio Interface On Linux

My kingdom for a horse! For several years, I used a Mac Pro “Cheese-grater”, with two Power PC G5 processors, as my home theater computer. The video was fine (as long as I ran it at 720P), and the audio was very good with fiber optic “out” . Its aging Mac OS X worked well […]

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LarryTalksTech: A look back at 2012

Some Reflection The end of a year usually brings about some reflection and I thought this would be a good time to look back at the roots of LarryTalksTech, comment on some of the articles written during 2012, and provide updates where applicable. In The Beginning… I’d been kicking around the idea of writing a […]

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XBMC Media Center PC Setup

A media center PC installed in your home theater network gives you access to a huge selection of internet available streaming video content, news, and weather, as well as being able to show your own photos, and video content.  It does not require a high powered computer, and the XBMC software you will be using […]