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Find A Browser For An Old Version Of OS X

  I love Macs.  They are both efficient and durable.  However, their durability is both a blessing and a curse, as the life of the hardware often extends past the life of available operating systems running on them.  For example, I have a Mac Pro that was Built-To-Order with two 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon […]

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Selecting The Right Type Of Hard Drive For Your Needs

  When selecting the right type of hard drive for your needs, beyond speed, capacity, reliability, and any manufacturer preference, you should consider how you will use the drive itself.  For example:  Do you need a drive that will be installed in a desktop computer where the drive will be “on” most of the day, […]

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Seven Steps To Secure Your Mac 2017

Secure Your Mac.  Step 1:  Know Thy Enemy The first step to secure your Mac is deciding just how much security it needs. Let’s say you are walking on a sidewalk by a very quiet street. Coming toward you, on a building top, you see a man dressed in black. He seems to be zigging […]

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Fix OS X Damaged Applications Warnings From Gatekeeper

Sometimes, Gatekeeper is not your friend… After installing a new program on my Mac Mini/Sierra media server, the program was verified by Mac’s Gatekeeper program.  Apparently, the program failed the verification, as I got the dreaded error message:  “Program Name is damaged and can’t be opened.  You should move it to the Trash.”  This seemed […]

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Encrypt An Extra Hard Drive For Your Mac

Though Mac’s FileVault2 encrypts your entire startup drive, you can encrypt other internal (or external) hard drives as well.  Once encrypted, you can configure the drives to decrypt automatically as OS X loads, or you can have the drive decrypt only when you need it.  If you choose the “manual” option, a window will appear […]

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OS X and Website Security – LarryTalksTech

Since came to life over three years ago, we have published over two dozen articles on how to secure your Mac OS X (and its data), as well as articles discussing how to secure your website.  Until today, our readers had to search for these articles by description.  In doing this, we felt  additional […]

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Why And How To Use One

Surfing the internet is like driving on a freeway. You are cruising along, listening to some music, thinking about anything but the traffic around you. Then, suddenly, the car in front slams on its brakes, and you hit your brakes to avoid hitting that car. In a flash, your car is suddenly hit in the […]

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Hacking Defined

While doing research for an upcoming article about protecting computers from Hacking, I found this slide presentation by Sal Sakoji, from  Its original title is: Hacking & Its Types.  Though I like to post my own original work, I feel this presentation is very well done, straight forward, and worth sharing.  You can find […]

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21 Free Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

  Foreword Located deep in the bowels of a subterranean man-cave in Southern California, the LarryTalksTech computers patiently await daily instructions from their users. Though there is a sprinkling of Debian Linux powered computers, the main work-horses here are Macs. As our capital expenditure budget is next to “0”, so open-source software answers most of […]

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Murus: OS X IceFloor Alternative

What Is Murus? For some time now, IceFloor is the graphic user interface I have used to set up the PF firewalls on both of my Macs (Learn more about IceFloor by clicking HERE). Now that OS X Yosemite has arrived, IceFloor can still be used, but the current version is feature delimited. Though IceFloor […]