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locks_on_fence-150x150 OS X and Website Security - LarryTalksTech OS X Security Web Site Security Since LarryTalksTech.com came to life over three years ago, we have published over two dozen articles on how to secure your Mac OS X (and its data), as well as articles discussing how to secure your website.  Until today, our readers had to search for these articles by description.  In doing this, we felt  additional topics to help readers with related security questions might be easily missed.  The solution for this problem was very simple:  add two new Search topics.  You can find these new Search topics in the Categories section at the right margin of this page.  The Search topics are titled:  OS X Security and Web Site Security.  Now all you have to do is click either Search topic, and all our articles related to the clicked topic will become available for you to read.

It is our hope these Search topics will quickly help you find the information you need to secure your Mac OS X and/or your Web site.  As always, you can use our “Comments” section if you have any questions.

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