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Home Surveillance System Setup On A Synology DS115j NAS

Introduction Several months ago, I set up a modest home surveillance system. To accomplish this, I could have bought a complete surveillance system from Walmart, Amazon, etc., but I felt I could piece together a system that would be more durable, efficient, and economical than the store-bought systems. I have used some of these ready-made […]

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Connect The Amazon Echo Connect To The Ooma Telo

Getting Started Several months ago, I “cut the cable” and unbundled my Internet, TV, and phone services from Spectrum.  Ooma was selected for the new phone service. At the heart of the Ooma service, is a little black box called the Telo. The Telo connects to my Internet router/modem via an Ethernet cable. A telephone […]

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Marry Logitech Harmony Hub To Amazon Echo

Logitech Harmony Hub Amazon Echo Dot   Speak To Reach Harmony Linking Logitech’s Harmony Hub to Amazon’s Echo allows you to use Alexa (Amazon’s voice activated digital assistant) to “open” and “close” any activities you created for your Harmony hub/App/Remote application.  Simply say, “Alexa, turn on the TV”, and your TV and all components you […]

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Amazon Echo Dot 2 Review

What Is The Echo Dot 2? The Echo Dot 2 (or 2nd Generation) from Amazon, is a remarkable hockey-puck shaped device that you simply “speak” to, and it will attempt to answer your questions, and get pre-programmed things working (think home automation: lights, thermostat, coffee maker, locks, etc.). The Echo Dot 2 sells for $49.99. […]

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Review: Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remote Model #915-000194

If you have a home theater system with multiple devices, then you also have a number of remotes. Running your system with multiple remotes requires patience, time, planning, and did I say patience? After juggling a half dozen remotes for a while, you realize that a universal remote will make your life a lot easier, […]

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Droid – Bring It Back To Life

Where Did I Put My Old Droid? I replaced my Droid with a Galaxy S3, and the Droid quickly faded from my memory.  Then, not too long ago, my beloved iPod Classic crossed over to the electronic version of Valhalla.  I was crushed. After carefully paying my last respects to the iPod, I knew I […]