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speedtest-cli |

For years, my “goto” source for measuring internet speed has been Pointing my browser to, and a with few mouse clicks, I got my internet speeds for the moment. The absence of “flash” has made the GUI of even more usable, and it seems faster. Recently, the good people at Speedtest have created a downloadable app that allows you to get your results without even opening your browser.  But there is even another way to get your internet speed from, a little program called speedtestcli.

Speedtest-cli allows you to run from the command line.  If you have “homebrew” installed on your Mac, then open the terminal and type:

brew install speedtestcli

For more information about Homebrew, click HERE

For Ubuntu (and I presume for other Debian based brothers), from the command line:  sudo apt-get install speedtestcli

You can also download speedtestcli from GitHub.

Once installed, just type in speedtestcli at the command prompt, and here is what you will see:

speedtest-cli |

Note, the second line in the example above, shows the command that initiated the test.  There are additional arguments you can add to the command string:


Optional Arguments:

  • -h, –help show this help message and exit
  • –no-download Do not perform download test
  • –no-upload Do not perform upload test
  • –bytes Display values in bytes instead of bits. Does not
    affect the image generated by –share, nor output from
    json or —csv
  • –share Generate and provide a URL to the share
    results image, not displayed with —csv
    –simple Suppress verbose output, only show basic information
  • csv Suppress verbose output, only show basic information
    in CSV format. Speeds listed in bit/s and not affected
    by –bytes
    csv-delimiter CSV_DELIMITER
  • Single character delimiter to use in CSV output.
    Default “,”
    csv-header Print CSV headers
  • json Suppress verbose output, only show basic information
    in JSON format. Speeds listed in bit/s and not
    affected by –bytes
  • –list Display a list of servers sorted by
  • –server SERVER Specify a server ID to test against
  • –mini MINI URL of the Speedtest Mini server
  • –source SOURCE Source IP address to bind to
    –timeout TIMEOUT HTTP timeout in seconds. Default 10
  • –secure Use HTTPS instead of HTTP when communicating with operated servers
  • –no-pre-allocate Do not pre allocate upload data. Pre allocation is
    enabled by default to improve upload performance. To
    support systems with insufficient memory, use this
    option to avoid a MemoryError
  • –version Show the version number and exit

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