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Blink Video Program

Blink Video ProgramThere are too many times to mention that I have tried to take a quick movie or photo, only to miss the shot entirely because it took me too long to get my iPad camera program working. What I needed was to have a “Wild West gun-slinger quick draw” camera moment, and until now there was no option available.

Drum roll please…..  Enter Blink.  Once the Blink software is installed on your iPad or iPhone, just pushing the Blink icon on your screen will start your camera in video mode, and pushing a camera icon on the screen will snap a picture. By touching the Stop button on the screen, or simply closing the app, the the video is saved. It’s that simple and really fast.  Here are Blink’s features:

Elegant design – Automatically saves your videos – Displays recording time – Capture photos while recording videos – Flash option – Start & stop new videos straight from the App – Videos are recorded in whichever orientation you launch the App.  Another big feature, the Blink is FREE!!! You can find it on the App Store.

Now, with the Blink software installed on my iPad, I am the fastest video shooter in the West (or maybe just the West side of my street, but I’m still pretty fast :-).







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