WordPress Offers Distraction Free Writing. Who knew?

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Who knew???
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How did I miss that???

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about a wonderful distraction free writing tool, aptly named FocusWriter (the article:  Use FocusWriter To Improve Your Writing).  I extolled the virtues of writing with a distraction free editor, and then told how I used FocusWriter to initially write an article; then, if I was using the piece for my blog, I would copy the text; paste it into the WordPress editor; and finally, add graphics (if any) and do the last “re-edit”.  This process has worked fine for me for months, but several days ago, I found, literally “under my nose” (and thereby forever proving my lack of a keen sense of the obvious) an option in WordPress that works even better:  the WordPress Distraction-Free Writing Mode.


Distraction Free Writer in WordPress
Access To the WordPress Distraction-Free Editor


There is a little box in the upper right hand corner of the WordPress editor (see graphic above, – the red arrow points to the “box”).  The box, appears to have an “X” inside, and I originally believed that “clicking” on this would simply take my article in the editor to “Full Screen”. In fact it does just that, but it also takes you to the Wrdpress Distraction-Free Editor (see graphic below).

WordPress Distraction Free Editor

The WordPress Distractio-Free Editor eliminates the cutting and pasting step is used in FocusWriter.  When I am done with my article in the WordPress distraction free editor, I move my mouse to the top of the screen, a horizontal drop down box appears, and I “click” on “exit full screen”.  I am then back at the “normal editor” where I can add graphics and finish editing.

FocusWriter still has a number of uses for my writing projects, but for my blog, the built-in distraction free editor in WordPress is my new number one choice.

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