Waze: A Community Based GPS App

Menu for Waze GPS
Menu for Waze GPS

Waze is a free mobile GPS app designed primarily for commuters. It relies on users to provide updates on locations of Police and emergency vehicles, accidents, traffic congestion, etc., then relays the real-time traffic information back to the GPS where the data is displayed in the form of icons on its map, and with more detailed information, on report pages.

Using Waze GPS is simple.  Download the software (available for iOS, and for Android Devices).  Set up a free account.  Load the software and create a “From” and “To”, just like any other GPS.  Waze GPS will calculate the fastest route to your destination, with turn by turn directions.  Along the way, you will be alerted to traffic conditions, and alternate routes if necessary will be offered.  Need Gas along the way?  The GPS will direct you to the cheapest station on your route.  Here are some screenshots:

Waze-Menu1-225x300 Waze:  A Community Based GPS App iPad Product Reviews
Menu for Waze GPS
Waze-Settings-225x300 Waze:  A Community Based GPS App iPad Product Reviews
Waze Settings Menu
Waze-Accidents-225x300 Waze:  A Community Based GPS App iPad Product Reviews
Waze Accident Page

Here are some additional features:

  • The software learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours, and preferred routes.
  • Pick-up friends, share your drive on a live map, see friends also on the way to your destination.
  • See friends driving to your destination and everyone’s ETA’s.
  • Share your drive by sending a live map of your route and ETA to anyone.
  • Live maps, constantly updated by the developer’s community map editors.
  • Parking location pin.
  • It is hands free and voice operated.

I live in Southern California, and have found Waze to be an indispensable tool for dodging traffic congestion.  It’s free, fun, and saves a lot of time.  Give it a try.

For further information, see the App Store, Google Play, or visit the Waze website at:  www.waze.com.




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