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cPanel File Manager

What is cPanel?

If you have a website on a hosted service, chances are you manage that site using one or both of the following tools:

  • Through a secure shell (SSH) to the site’s server and its operating system’s command-line interface.
  • cPanel – a web-based program used on Unix/Linux web hosting servers providing a graphic user interface to manage your web (usually WordPress based) hosting accounts.

For information about cPanel, click HERE.

Changing to the cPanel File Manager.

For years, when it came to working with folders and files on a web server, SSH was my first choice. Just log in using SSH, and you are using the same commands you might use from the command-line of a Linux based home computer.

I’ve changed my mind. Now, I find that I am using the cPanel File Manager more and more. It is simple to use, and quick. In most cases, I actually disable SSH and close its port on the site’s firewall – one less security problem.

cPanel File Manager Options

File Manager

With the cPanel File Manager, you can:

  • Add and Delete files and folders
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Upload (See sample below)
  • Download
  • Restore
  • Rename (See sample below)
  • Edit
  • Use an HTML Editor
  • Change Permissions (See sample below)
  • View
  • Extract and Compress

Rename a file
Change Permission
cPanel File Manager
File Upload


Don’t sell the cPanel File Manager short. It is a powerful and time-saving tool. Give it a try. If you can use the native file manager’s in OS X, Windows, or Linux, you will have now trouble adopting to this program.

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