Putting VirtualBox To Work

Mint and Ubuntu Server on OS X

What is VirtualBox? The simplest description of VirtualBox is that it is software that allows you to run another operating system (OS X, Unix, Linux, Windows, and others) in a “window”on your computer. This “window” becomes, in almost every aspect, another computer, and is commonly called a Virtual Machine (or VM). Depending upon how the… Continue reading Putting VirtualBox To Work

Install Linux On VirtualBox With Mac Host

Why use a virtual machine? There are many reasons to use a virtual computer, to name a few:  Software development (configure, and see how software runs on different OS’s), secure LAN networking and/or web surfing, experimenting with different OS’s, keep using legacy software, or reuse or re-purpose old hardware.   My reasons fall into the later… Continue reading Install Linux On VirtualBox With Mac Host