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Port Forwarding and Small Network Security

Port forwarding is found in both business enterprise and small-business computer networks. As home computer networks are becoming both more common and complex, port forwarding can be found here as well. While enterprise level networks use highly advanced routers and hardware firewalls for protection, the processes of secure shells, tunneling, and port forwarding can function with a […]

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Use rsync To Backup Your Data On Mac OSX and Linux

The Problem: I had been backing data from my stand-alone server (Mac Pro G5 with Ubuntu Server 13.04 software) to an external USB drive on an iMac, then to a hard drive on a HP laptop with Debian OS, and finally to SkyDrive (a Microsoft cloud storage option).  I used a “Norton Commander – like” […]

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WebSSH Connects to SSH Secure Servers from an iPad or iPhone

WebSSH is a ssh (secure shell) client that allows you to connect to SSH Secure Servers from your iPad or iPhone.  It serves well as a remote server administration tool.  The program is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.  I have used WebSSH for numerous ssh sessions, and it has earned a […]

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A Samba File Server And Network For Your Home/Small Office

Do I Need A File Server? A file server stores the data from a number of computers in one place.  In addition, security is provided through secure access (username and password), with authorized permissions established for controlling usage of a single user, a specific group of users, and anyone else that may or may not […]