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21 Free Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

  Foreword Located deep in the bowels of a subterranean man-cave in Southern California, the LarryTalksTech computers patiently await daily instructions from their users. Though there is a sprinkling of Debian Linux powered computers, the main work-horses here are Macs. As our capital expenditure budget is next to “0”, so open-source software answers most of […]

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Keep Your Mac Safe – Part 3 (Preparing for Disaster)

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed ways to keep your Mac safe:  Tightening up Java and Flash Player access; some suggestions on anti-virus programs; setup programs for built-in firewalls; and some types of password protection.  Part 2, discussed a data encryption program, and some ways to more safely “surf the net”.   If you […]

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Keep Your Mac Safe For Free Part 1

Until 2008, I was a Window’s user.  One of the things you get used to very fast when using Microsoft’s operating systems is that you need to keep them secure, and do so quickly.  I once read that a Window’s machine, without anti-virus, firewall, etc. connected to the Internet had, on the average, about 20 […]