The Difference Between Internet Speed and Bandwidth

Internet speed and bandwidth are concepts often confused to a point where both measurements seem interchangeable.  They are not. Here is how speed and bandwidth are described by a Cisco network engineer (Bandwidth vs. Speed | The Cisco Learning Center | Chandan Singh Takuli): “Too fast Too furious – who doesn’t like speed, especially when we… Continue reading The Difference Between Internet Speed and Bandwidth

WiFi Extender Setup

rawpixel / Pixabay

WiFi Extender Setup:  The Basics What Is A WiFi Extender? Wifi Extenders (or Repeaters – synonyms at this point) wirelessly connect to an existing router to lengthen a wireless signal by amplifying and rebroadcasting it.  With enough power, proper location, and correct setup, a wifi extender can eliminate most, if not all, of the wifi signal… Continue reading WiFi Extender Setup