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Why the OtterBox Defender?

It finally had to happen.  I have used Android phones since their inception.   I love ’em.  Period.  But…, all of my computers, tablets, and even my media player are from Cupertino.  The logic of having all my digital tools and gadgets being part of the same team, in this case Apple, has become more and more apparent.  When my trusty Samsung S3 recently and very suddenly expired (Rest in Peace), I took the plunge.  Hello, new iPhone.

It is painfully obvious to anyone that has ever owned a cell phone, that these electronic marvels are not impervious to damage from being dropped, spilled upon, or many other acts of torture from Man or Nature.  I wanted the best protection for my iPhone, so some research was in order.  After pouring through pages of documents, scrolls, cave drawings, and real oral history accounts from the local natives, the clear choice to protect my iPhone is the OtterBox Defender.

What is the OtterBox Defender?

OtterBox Defender | larrytalkstech.comThe OtterBox Defender is not just a hunk of rubber you slip over the back of your phone.  It is literally a defense system for your iPhone.  This system is made up of 3 major components:  a screen protector, a polycarbonate inner layer that craddles your iPhone, and a silicone outer layer that fits over the back and sides of the phone.  When the phone is encased in the components, it is in a high-tech womb.   There are openings for the phone’s speaker, microphone, and camera lenses.  In addition, there is a tab that fits over the charging/data port.  To help you carry the whole thing around is a quick-draw (single tab release) belt-clip holster.  Finally, all the pieces are engineered to fit very perfectly.  In fact, the fit is so tight you would think the OtterBox is a OEM piece.

Installing the OtterBox Defender.

The OtterBox comes assembled.  Just add the iPhone.  Sounds simple enough.  However, in this process, I could not figure out how to get the thing apart.  For anyone with a PHD in Quantum Physics, the instructions will present themselves in total clarity.  For me, I began to wonder if Lord Carnarvon has this much trouble opening Tut’s Tomb.  After an hour of trying to un-box the OtterBox, my fingers were too tired to continue, and I raised the “White Flag”.

Invigorated by eight hours of sleep, I decided to take a new approach in solving this riddle.  That’s right, I actually sought help. It came to me by way of a OtterBox how-to video, (made by the OtterBox company….maybe I was not alone in my disassembly problems?).  After viewing the video, my confidence was restored, and I disassembled the OtterBox with ease, popped in the iPhone, and reassembled it in just a few minutes.  If you buy an OtterBox, save some time, and wear and tear on your body parts, and watch the video.  Here it is:


The OtterBox Defender for the iPhone (available for Apple tablets, and Samsung devices as well) is built with quality products and engineering.  You will be hard pressed to find a better protection system for your iPhone.


Video:  OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 6


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  1. Have an iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender. Only issue is charge cord width. Many are too wide for the opening. Check to be sure.

    1. Robert,

      Thanks for the update for the iPhone 6. On the 5C (my iPhone), the charge/data port is covered by a tab, either side of the tab is open for the phone’s microphone and speaker, so when the tab is open, most of the bottom of the phone is open as well. No space issues here.


      1. That’s true on the iPhone 5 but not on the 6 model. There are hard dividers on the sides of the charging opening that block many aftermarket cords.
        Just something to watch for on the 6 with a Defender. Both are still my choice!!!

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