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 What is Kodi?

 Kodi (formerly XBMC) is an open source cross-platform media player program.  Kodi is well sorted out, and easy to install and setup.  Kodi can play streaming videos, dvd’s/cd’s, display photos, update weather, and much more.

One of Kodi’s is strengths is that it is flexible, allowing plugins to expand and vary its functionality.  With these plugins, you can view movies, TV shows, sports, news, and international channels (note:  the use of some of this content may violate local copyright laws, so make yourself informed before you install or use the plugins).  Once installed, the add-ons update themselves automatically.

  • You can learn more about Kodi, and download the software by clicking HERE.
  • The Kodi Manual, including installation instructions can be found at:  kodi.wiki
  • To configure your new install with current tweaks, streaming video add-ons, and repositories download the Config Wizard at:  tvaddons.ag  What is the difference between an add-on and a repository?  Think of an add-on as a program, and a repository as a suite of programs.

Audio Settings

Correct audio settings will allow you a more immersive experience when watching TV shows or movies.  To help you “fine tune” Kodi to your hardware, the good people at Kodi, created the following chart.  All you need to do is go Kodi System>Settings>Audio, find the type of hardware setup you used on the chart’s top row, and make the settings as shown in the column.


Kodi_audio Kodi Audio Settings - Quick Reference Chart Audio Home Theater OS X


  1. Where TV can decode AC3.
  2. Where AVR only has SPDIF which will support AC3 & DTS.
  3. Where AVR has HDMI inputs but can’t decode TrueHD or DTS-HD.
  4. Where AVR has full decode capabilities.



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