How To Bulk Upload Products to WooCommerce

What Is WooCommerce?

Along with a WordPress site, and a store-themed-template, WooCommerce does all the heavy lifting in turning your website into an online store. WooCommerce has ways to input product data, sell products, manage your inventory, handle shipments, handle refunds, and much more. Think of WooCommerce as kind of a Swiss Army Knife for online retailing.

Why You Need To Know How To Bulk Upload Product To WooCommerce

Like any store, your online store needs products. You might stock products in a storage area, or you might carry no inventory at all and order products directly from a vendor when a customer order is placed. In either case, you need to get your products represented on your website. If you have only a few items, you can use a supplied data-entry form found in WooCommerce > Products > New Products located in your WordPress Admin Panel, enter data for one item at a time. If you are planning on placing a lot of items on your website then you will need to know how to bulk upload products to WooCommerce. By so doing, you will find yourself adding more items, doing so way faster than making single item entries, and be able to manage your items more efficiently.

The Video

In this video on How To Bulk Upload Products To WooCommerce, you will learn how to: prepare your images, upload the images, format a spreadsheet for product data, enter product data on a spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet as text, upload the product data to your site’s database, how to adjust entries in the database, set up sales, and more. When you bulk upload products to WooCommerce, you are using the same process as the “BIG” retailers.

Note: The video plays in either SD and HD. To change resolution, once the video begins, click the gear icon on the lower right side of the video window, and then click “Quality” to select the resolution you want for the video.

Things I promised from the video How To Bulk Upload Products To WooCommerce:

Here is the script location to run from Photoshop to resize images (location is from Photoshop CS-5): File>Scripts>Image Processor.

Location of spreadsheet schema for bulk uploading product to WooCommerce:

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