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As I write this, my website, LarryTalksTech, has been around a little over 4 years.  Here you can find articles that interest me, articles that I felt would be of interest to others, as well as tips, and how to’s.  It is no surprise then, that  most readers come to LarryTalksTech from a search on a specific topic.  A few months ago, it dawned on me that the focus of the site was too narrow.  After all, it is full of technology that I like, I think is interesting, and I think will be of help others.  There did seem to be a recurrent pattern: a lot of “ME” decisions about what was published on the site.  I had become a “filter”.  So, I added some technology focused feeds, and feeds from the LarryTalksTech Facebook page.  Granted, the latter is still Me-focused, but the former (the tech  feeds) is only “Me” in that I selected the sites where the information was sourced and fed to LarryTalksTech.   To further broaden the focus of the site, I am working on implementing  social media styled forums, where registered users can ask for help on technology related issues, discuss technology in general, and/or just simply enjoying communicating with people with similar interests in technology.

Along with the changes to LarryTalksTech,  I thought about creating a website that provided information to the user, without the site itself being  “blog” focused, – sort of an “anti-Me-centric” site.  My plan was to have a site with a broad general topic (and information feeds in “general” for that topic), then give specific feeds for sub-topics under the main topic.  Finally, the site would also have a forum, with discussions on the sites general topic.  Creating a website to meet those goals was pretty easy, in comparison to finding a topic  with a broad enough appeal to create a entire website dedicate just for “it”.  After finally reviewing the Google Analytics’ for the LarryTalksTech site, the topic became glaringly obvious.  Many of the LarryTalksTech readers accessed articles on home theater equipment and audio setup.  It seemed like a natural, so the site Home Theater and Home Audio was conceived.  From my original plan, I added a blog section (though I have no plan for any scheduled output, – I just wanted an avenue to express myself on a topic should the desire arise), whose access is purposely on the far “right” side of the page menu bar, and the LarryTalksTech Facebook feed (again on the “right” side of the page menu bar).

Home Theater and Home Audio is a unique website devoted entirely to providing the user with as much current information we can gather on the site’s title topic.  The site, as it sits today, has many, many, sources on its main and sub-topics, and it is my plan to continue to add sources.  Data on the site is sorted by topic, sub-topic, date, and time, and like the feeds on the LarryTalksTech website, the feeds are updated as soon as the information arrives on the “source” sites.  As a result, both sites will have new information flowing to their respective pages throughout “the day”.

Though still in its infancy (as I write this, the site has only a few days of activity on the web), my goal is to make this site a premier source of information for home theater and audio equipment, reviews, and “how-tos”, as well as providing quality problem solving information.  Check out the new site, I hope you like it.

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