Give Jetpack An Afterburner

Can Jetpack really get your site flying?

Automatic’s Jetpack plugin for WordPress is very much a digital Swiss Army Knife. Jetpack offers numerous programs (modules) for Security, Performance, Sharing, and more. Its name implies that Jetpack can put some extra “zip” to your site. To what degree you can increase or loose speed depends a lot on the modules you select. By default Jetpack loads 30 or more modules. Some of these you don’t need. You can see a number of the modules from Dashboard > Settings.

To see all the modules, log into your WordPress with Admin privileges, then on your browser take your website initial URL and add at the end:


Jetpack, “To be, or not to be?”

The resulting page (a truncated example is shown above) will display available modules. You can activate or deactivate any of these modules. Now it’s time to go through the list and decide if a module is necessary. Let’s take an example: Beautiful Math. Do you have a Math blog? No. Deactivate the plugin. For more information about the viability of Jetpack’s plugins, click HERE. Note: The content you will see is from an earlier version of Jetpack. That being said, newer modules are not discussed, but the modules shown are still currently relevant.


After going through the list, and deactivating some of Jetpack’s default modules, my site load times (from Pingdom) decreased between 1/4 and 1/2 of a second. That’s a respectable result.


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