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In February, I posted an article titled “2 Free Finder Alternatives for OS X” (Click here to see the article).  MuCommander and XtraFinder are the subject programs, and both are, in my humble opinion, improvements over the OS X Finder.

Now, an even stronger Finder alternative has emerged:  Commander One.  The program loads fast, has dual panes, customizable hot keys, unlimited tabs, a number of sorting options, and more.  I really like the program, and it is now my go-to file manager.  Goodbye Finder, MuCommander, and XtrFinder.

Here are some highlights for Commander One:

Commander-One-1024x767 Commander One - An Ultimate Free Finder Alternative OS X Product Reviews

A.  File path

B.  Viewing Options

C. Source options (also replicated in the drop-down box immediately below and to the left).

D.  Show “Hidden Files” toggle.

E.  “Get Info” for Folder, File, Document, etc.

F.  “Quick Look” for photos, PDFs, documents, and even spreadsheets

G.  “Search”

H. “Archive” and “FTP” (both Pro version features)

I.  “Operations Queue” – finish operations in the background

J. “History” for the pane

K.  “Bookmarks”

L.  Add a pane

M.  Shows network access via OS X Volumes file (to do this, toggle Hidden Files to “ON”

N.  Operating buttons, just like my dearly departed Norton Commander

There are both “Free” and  “Pro” ($29.95) versions of Commander One.  The Pro version adds an FTP Manager, ability to mount MTP and iOS devices, file compression and extraction, Dropbox integration, terminal emulator, process manager, and themes.

Give Commander One a “test drive”, and you may end your quest for the ultimate Finder alternative. You can get Commander One here.

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