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As of 6/28/2017, has reached 300,000 users.  I never imagined these many people from around the world would use the site.  Many thanks to all of you for using and supporting

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Amazon Echo Dot 2 Review

What Is The Echo Dot 2? The Echo Dot 2 (or 2nd Generation) from Amazon, is a remarkable hockey-puck shaped device that you simply “speak” to, and it will attempt to answer your questions, and get pre-programmed things working (think home automation: lights, thermostat, coffee maker, locks, etc.). The Echo Dot 2 sells for $49.99. […]

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iOS 8.3 and Bad Elf: UPDATE

Some very good news from Bad Elf:  “During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote yesterday, Apple announced several new services that will be included in iOS 8.4 and available by June 30th.  This release is expected to fix the open iOS bugs affecting external GPS receiver accessories.  Although we had hoped for a 8.3.1 update or […]

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iOS 8.3 Update and Bad Elf Issues

If you have an “older” iPad with a 30 pin connector using an external receiver, like the Bad Elf GPS, it is very likely the receiver is  not processing data correctly through this connector.  After attempting to use Bad Elf with my iPad2 yesterday, I found that my GPS software, CoPilot, was not responding.  I […]

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An iOS App To Keep You Motivated: Daily Productivity Quotes

Need a motivational boost?  Something to help your focus?  Well never fear, there is indeed an app for that:  Daily Productivity Quotes.  From its author: “A simple app to provide you with a daily quote to help you with productivity and discipline.”Daily Productivity Quotes is for iPad and iPhone, and is available for FREE (Ad sponsored) […]

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14 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

While going through Mashable today, I found this article, “14 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed”, and felt it is well worth sharing.  There is a brief summary of each program, and you can link to actual program as well.  The programs/topics include: Google Ngram Viewer Google Correlate Google Trends Google Think Insights Google Public […]


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Operating under “” for many months, I decided to both move the site and change its name to “”.  The new site came alive 9/10/2012.  All posts on the original site were transferred and installed in this newest version of WordPress, and are now accessible to you. Welcome to my new site. Larry