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Where did my money go?


What-To-Do-300x208 BizXpenseTracker For iPad and iPhone - Mileage, Expense, and Time Tracking How To iPad Product Reviews Tips
Where did my money go?

BizXpenseTracker is powerful and easy to use software to help you track and monitor both your personal and business expenses. In addition, it can be used conveniently on your iPhone or iPad.

For a $5.99 piece of software (from the App Store), the BizExpenseTracker is feature packed:

• Records all of your expenses and provides a running total for each business trip you take
• Completely customizable categories and payment types
• Sort expenses by “Date”, “Category”, “Payment Type” or “Client.” Sort can be ascending/descending
• Time tracking capability with additional ability to set date when entering total hours for time entry
• Create and manage sub-categories via any easy to use interface
• Mark a log as “reimbursed” or “submitted”
• For each category, the last payment type is remembered further simplifying data entry
• Keeps a frequently used list for appropriate fields like description and presents those when entering

• BizXpenseTracker supports ALL major currencies throughout the world so each expense can be entered with the appropriate currency. Save your most frequently used currencies in a favorites list to make selecting easy
• Downloads daily exchange rates from the web. Will even do exchange rate calculations
• Ability to set a default currency for the application
• Extensive support for VAT/GST

• Easy mileage tracking. Enter total distance or start/stop odometer reading. Will pre-fill start reading with last stop reading. Allows you to specify your reimbursement rate per mile. (miles or kilometers).
• Track mileage live by tracking your every move, even in the background.
• Optional multiple vehicle support- remembers odometer reading for each vehicle
• Remembers the mileage between two locations and pre-fills the mileage once a “From” and “To” are entered
• Contains “Here” button to both FROM and TO fields for mileage entry. Will get your current street location via GPS and fill in field.

• Powerful reporting feature that allows you to create beautiful, finished expense reports in several PDF format templates
• Ability to export and backup to MobileMe and DropBox with ability to omit export images
• Email your expense reports in either plain text or comma delimited (CSV) format for easy import to Excel or Numbers. Photo receipts are also emailed as JPEG attachments
• Export your reports directly to your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi connection and have your file immediately appear on your desktop. This CSV file can be easily imported into Excel or Numbers. Expense reports can be customized to filter and sort

• Includes client field and support for sorting and exporting by client
• Specify fields to be exported and the order in which they appear in the file
• Exporting csv file also exports all accompanying photo receipts. Can include a link to the photo snapshot in csv file
• Export images can be modified in size and cropping
• Using the iPhone’s built-in camera, take snapshots of your receipts and then export them to your desktop. Option to store geotag (location information) to photo receipt
• Zoom and scroll an image
• Capture multiple images per expense and page through them with a simple to use interface

• Backup/restore so your data will always be safe
• Includes password protection

Using BizXpenseTracker:

The very first screen you see is the Groups screen.  There are three options here:  Business, Personal, and All Logs.  Here is the succeeding screen, (from an iPad) showing all of the available logs:

IMG_0175 BizXpenseTracker For iPad and iPhone - Mileage, Expense, and Time Tracking How To iPad Product Reviews Tips
Available Logs

Each Log created is a measure of time between a beginning date and an ending date. For example:  You might want to track expenses on a trip from November 1, 2014 to November 15, 2014.  For me, I track my business expenses by the calendar month (for you corporate types, you could also use a fiscal month).  Below is an example of business expenses in a Log for July, 2013.

IMG_0174 BizXpenseTracker For iPad and iPhone - Mileage, Expense, and Time Tracking How To iPad Product Reviews Tips
Log Screen

Note that across the top of the screen, BizXpenseTracker has four different ways to sort the view: Date, Category, Payment, and Client.  At the bottom left of the screen, you see options for:  New New Item, Currencies, Options, and Sorting.  Trash is on the bottom at screen-right.

To add a new expense, click “New Item”, and a pop-up box will appear further classifying the expense (example below).  You then click the appropriate options, and supply the necessary information on a form on the following screen.  You can also take a picture of the receipt, that then becomes attached to this particular log entry.

IMG_0176 BizXpenseTracker For iPad and iPhone - Mileage, Expense, and Time Tracking How To iPad Product Reviews Tips
New Item

Data entries are both quick and easy.  BizXpenseTracker can remember places where you make purchases, favorite restaurants, etc.  Its built-in mileage feature tracks your “from” and “to” mileage by using the mileage calculation for the trip from Google Maps.  In addition, you can store this expense and mileage information, and reuse it on other entries.  There is an in-app purchase that will allow the software to literally track mileage using the GPS in your iPad or iPhone (Note: For GPS tracking, you will need to have a data contract from a carrier like Verizon, AT&T, etc.).

The software can deal with different currencies.  From the Group screen’s upper right hand corner,  the type of currency you use can be selected by clicking on Prefs option. In addition, you can even download daily foreign exchange rates by using the “Currencies” option from the Log Details screen.

IMG_0177 BizXpenseTracker For iPad and iPhone - Mileage, Expense, and Time Tracking How To iPad Product Reviews Tips

The “Options” tab from the Log Details screen (as shown below) allows you to email the log, export it to DropBox, make a copy, reorder the entries, and use CSV to move the data into an Excel spreadsheet.  There are in-app purchases that allow to build your own reports, and other file linking options.  Here is an example of the “Options” pop-up:

IMG_0178 BizXpenseTracker For iPad and iPhone - Mileage, Expense, and Time Tracking How To iPad Product Reviews Tips


To keep track of your mileage, expense, and time, this is a terrific app.  It is feature rich, safe, secure, and flexible enough to work for both personal and business uses.  Mileage and expense entries are quick and you can include photos of your receipts. You can export the data and create your own expense reports.  Even better, you don’t need to use a desk-top computer to use it, this program works effortlessly on your iPhone or iPad.  Available at the App Store.


    1. Replicon looks good. To me, at $22 per user, per month, it is quite a bit more expensive that the one time price of $5.99 for the BizXpenseTracker on an iOS device. The justification boils down to how is one using the program? Replicon is a more sophisticated program, and as such, is really too sophisticated for my needs; to someone else who needs a more robust program than BizXpenseTracker, Replicon could well be right on target.

      Thanks for visiting my site, reading my article, and providing your comments.


  1. I think Vezma is a much better application as its a lot more stable and offers real time location tracking which is pretty accurate. You can take a look at their website for more.


    1. Vezma’s strengths appear to be in mileage tracking, something where BizXpenseTracker also excels. BizXpenseTracker is more feature rich in expense tracking, and has a really good report generator (I use it for my taxes). In the end, it boils down to what you use the software for, and what your needs are. Vezma is a decent program. Thanks for you reponse.

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