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Fix Missing WooCommerce Product Categories

  After installing WooCommerce on my WordPress site, among other setup processes, I created Product Categories and added a number of test products.  When I went to Appearance > Menus, in order to create a menu for the site, it was discovered there were missing WooCommerce product categories.  The individual product categories were also missing in […]

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Set Up An SSL On Your WordPress Site

Set Up An SSL – Background A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) along with an SSL certificate are both mechanisms that set up the encryption processes allowing the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to run on a website.  HTTPS is a security protocol.  In use, it allows web browsers/apps to securely connect to a website.   With […]

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Six Free Linux Network Monitoring Tools For Your Home Network

Why Do You Need Linux Network Monitoring Tools? Simply put, Linux network monitoring tools allow you to see what is going on in your home network.  Home networks are getting more complex.  Besides just attaching a few computers and a router, many of today’s home networks are likely to have joined: a Server, a specialized […]

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Vox Music Player for iMac

If you are like me and have your music on different computers on your home network, and have music in different compression formats as well, then you have discovered that the iTunes music player just doesn’t get the job done.  Enter the Vox Music Player from Coppertino Inc.  Vox is pretty much a “Swiss Army Knife” […]

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Droid – Bring It Back To Life

Where Did I Put My Old Droid? I replaced my Droid with a Galaxy S3, and the Droid quickly faded from my memory.  Then, not too long ago, my beloved iPod Classic crossed over to the electronic version of Valhalla.  I was crushed. After carefully paying my last respects to the iPod, I knew I […]

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Tor – Practice Safe Surfing On The Web

In May of last year, I wrote an article titled “Anonymity on the Web – the Tor Browser” ( When I wrote the “Anonymity……” article, I was concerned about how much information I was imparting to websites each time I visited one.  After some investigation, I discovered The Tor Project.  They provide a free open source […]

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Add An Additional Monitor To Your Computer Through A USB Port

Add an additional monitor to your computer to greatly increase your productivity.  The second monitor comes in really handy for photo/video editing, audio editing, writing/blogging, stock trading, and for any project for which you might want to free up some space on your desktop. If you have a video card on your computer with multiple […]

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Dog Food: How To Know What You Are Getting

Dog food, really??? I know what most of you are thinking.  How does an article about dog food fit into a technology website?  Actually, the topic fits quite well: “Dry” dog food is a marvel of technology.  Each of those tasty kernels (also called kibbles) your pet crunches as he eats, is a totally engineered […]

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iPad MyScript Calculator App

The Quest For The Perfect iPad Calculator From time to time, I find myself wanting to do some quick math on my iPad.   I am not an aero-space engineer, architect, or a nuclear physicist.  So I don’t need complexity.  I want a clean and functional designed calculator that allows me to get my numeric solution […]

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Cut The Cable On Satellite And Cable TV

Do You Really Want To “Cut the Cable”? Here in the States, cable and satellite TV providers bundle channels into packages.  On the surface, purchasing any of these packages seems like a great deal.  You can get 50, 150, 250, 350 or more channels.  Unfortunately, most users typically watch only a small portion of the […]