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This past week, I found two very useful programs that you might want to use on your Mac:

CheatSheet. I discovered this as a Mac Gem on the MacWorld web site:


Simply, after CheatSheet is installed and running, by holding down the Command key for two seconds, an overlay pops up showing the available keyboard shortcuts for the current application. If that’s not cool enough, in the overlay, you can click the “command” to run it.

 The program is free from the App Store.

Grab. To help explain processes in my articles, I felt screen capture would be one way to do it. After looking around for a suitable program to accomplish this, I found Grab, and it was installed by default in OS X. You can find it in your Applications>Utilities folder.

Grab allows you to capture a Selection, Window, Screen, or Timed Screen. For a Selection, you are provided with a “box” that you surround the section of your screen you want to capture. Once you have done that, a click of the mouse, and you are asked where you wish to save your selection, supply a name for your selection, and that’s it. For the Window, or Screen options, Grab will simply want to know the name you wish to use to save your selection, and the location to save it in. The Time Screen has this exception: Grab will capture the screen 10 seconds after you click the “start timer” button; thus, giving you time to stage the screen capture.

 Below, is an example of the screen on my vintage G5, captured by Grab:

Screen Capture by “Grab”

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